Family Programme Overview


Our mission is to assist and engage persons, families and companies see the connection on how the family enables work, organizations, businesses and society, in general, to thrive by conducting and disseminating research on this.


To be a top research hub in Africa on the work-family-business interface.

  • Implement the CROWF Structure: Director, Projects, Partnerships and Research teams.
  • Actualize the discussions with Profuturo Foundation/Telefonica1 on Digital Education
  • Actualize the collaboration with the Ministry of Labour on Social Protection on implementation of the National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection (NPFPP) 2 commencing with the State of the Family Report in 2020.
  • Define and implement projects with industry, academia, government3 and civil society that assist evaluate the work-family-business interfaces.
  • In collaboration with IESEs International Centre for Work and Family promote Corporate Family Responsibility through running and evaluating the outcomes of IESE’s Family Responsible Employers Index (IFREI) 4 tool.
  • Organize academic colloquia and communicate research findings.
  • Carry out research from the Program for Family Development courses. – Family Enrichment and Character Education, to evaluate trends confronting work-family balance.
  • To liaise with the government agencies charged with family in the country and in the region on family policies and their implementation. Critical would be to participate in formulation of National Family Policies and specifically participate in State of the Family Research.
  • Research on number and impact of family businesses in the economy and collaborate to promote a culture of family businesses.
  1. To conduct research to evaluate the work-family-business interface among persons, families and society in general.
  2. To develop and grow a network of scholars in work-family-business research through academic colloquia and events.
  3. To attend related research meetings and events organized by universities, centers with similar aims.
  4. To encourage and participate with public administrations the drafting and implementation of legislation and policies that facilitates work-family balance.
  5. To communicate and promote human resource management practices which facilitate work and family balance through research forums, practitioners’ seminars (CEO/HR Forums) and specialized courses.
  6. To grow partnerships with industry, academia, government and civil society to see the contribution of the family in work and business and to promote a culture of work-family balance.
  7. To facilitate research to demonstrate the contribution and need of family businesses to the economy.
  • Director Research – Dr. George Njenga
  • Director CROWF – Raymond Mutura
  • PFD Researchers – Raymond Mutura, Tom Kimani and other PFD Moderators with Research experience.
  • Family Business – Dr. Edward Mungai, Dr. Freshia Waweru Mugo, Prof. Ruth Kiraka with collaborations with the Executive Education Team
  • HR Research /IFREI Tool Related – Dr. Angela Ndunge and other HR Lecturers in SBS.
  • Public Policy related research, including County Governments related – Prof.Robert Mudida, Prof. David Sperling, Martin Mbaya
  • Digital/ICT Related Research – Prof. Ateya, Dr. Freddie Accosta, Raymond Mutura, Martin Mbaya, John Kibowen and other staff from FIT.
  • Other Family related research not on work-family interface – Collaboration with the Institute for Family Studies and Ethics with Dr. Jane Wathuta
  • Legal Research – Prof. Luis Franceschi, Dr. Jane Wathuta, Dr. Jennifer Gitahi, Dr. Peter Kwenjera.
  • Partnerships – through Ramon Peris and the Strathmore University Foundation.
  • Program for Family Development.
  • Institute for Family Studies and Ethics through Dr. Jane Wathuta- we have interfaced on the development of the Draft National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection.
  • Community Service Centre – through Luis Borallo – there is an existing 3-year project Tai on Parent-Teacher-Student intervention for 10 schools in Kitui.
  • Research Office – to facilitate MOUs on partnerships.
  • Legal Office – to manage MOUs and partnership documentation.
  • Centre for Education Research – through Dr. Alfred Kitawi
  • Teacher Enhancement Programme and the Art of Leadership course for School Principals with Margaret Roche. Currently collaborating in Project Tai.
  • Strathmore University Foundation – through Ramon Peris on building and developing partnerships and networks.
  • IESE’s International Centre for Work and Family through Prof. Mireia Las Heras, Director.
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Protection- through various Directors and Officers in the Ministry. Possible to also liaise closely with the PS Marwa.
  • Profuturo Foundation through Sofia Fernandez-Mesa – Director of International Relation for Profuturo Foundation and Telefonica.
  • Africa Union through Lefhoko Kesamang, Senior Social Affairs Officer.
  • University of Pretoria – through Dr. Zitha Mokomane, a researcher keen on Work-family research. She is also a key consultant with UN DESA.
  • University of Nairobi through Dr. Robinson Ocharo – Senior Lecturer and Researcher on Sociology.
  • Kenyatta University through Dr. Leah Wanjama, keen on Gender Issues research
  • Ministry of Gender and Family in Congo through ASANGAMA Mopetane, Head of Family
  • United National Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and Division for Inclusive Social Development (DISD) through Renata Kaczmarska – Social Affairs Office in charge of Family and Oleg Serezhin Chief Capacity Development and Partnerships Coordination
  • Kenya Christian and Professional Forum – through Anne Mbugua Chair and assistant Chair Charles Kanjama
  • Transform Nations – through Pastor Simon Mbevi
  • Navigators – through Dr. Stanley Mukolwe.
  • Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops – through Augusta Muthigani, National Executive Secretary on Education – collaboration on research while developing a Parents Engagement component for Catholic Schools.
  • ITSL Trust Company Limited, part of the First Chartered Securities Group of Companies (others include NIC, ICEA Lion) through Dr. Caesar Mwangi – Group CEO ICEA Lion Holding Companies. This is for building partnerships on Family Businesses with the biggest and successful conglomerate of family businesses in Kenya. XXIV. EDEM Business School6. in Valencia Through Ramon to see how to partner with them,
  • The Active Organization in Brescia, Italy and The Axis Project Organization in New York City, USA through Ramon Peris on a possible disability project in Strathmore.
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