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The Africa Media Hub (AMH) (formerly Center for Business Journalism) was set up in January 2017 under the context that Africa’s future is linked to an improvement in democratic governance and economic growth with vibrant Civil Society, Private Sector, Informed media and public engagement. That media reporting on economics and finance utilizes highly technical terms that disconcert with communities outside the finance realm; and people’s participation is a critical element in opening economic and business opportunities. And now the   oft-used “Data Revolution especially on issues such as the Sustainable Development calls for new rules, data standards, new roles, new alliances, breaking old barriers and a new language to make Africa realize its potential.

Established under the Strathmore Institute for Public Policy and Governance (SIPPG), the AMH will enable experienced journalists and communication experts to carry in-depth reporting and investigation, data analysis and experts coverage of critical issues related to business and the  global economy using data visualization.


Improve financial and economic reporting by building, skills and resources for journalists, communication experts and other professionals to better inform the continent and the world economy.


To become a world leader in shaping the future of economics and financial reporting in Africa.

1. Technological Products
Research from the Hub will easily be published or packaged for public consumption on on-line and digital platform

2. Knowledge and Data Hub
To provide a big repository for data and contain specialized data such as: economics and business trends and stock e-journals and books. It will also leverage on existing data available locally or internationally. Train journalists and media experts on data journalism. Provide easily accessible analyst data from experts for various partners in Private Sector, Government, Academia, CSOs and even the public.

3. Executive Training for Financial and Economic Journalists
Training and capacity building for experienced and up-coming journalists and communication experts to carry in-depth reporting and investigation and data journalism on critical issues related to the global economy and business issues affecting the society.

4. Fellowship and Mentorship Programs
The fellowship program will establish, in partnership with key philanthropy, private sector, CSOs, government, professional skills development of exceptionally promising early- to mid-career African journalists

5. The Career Mentorship Program (CMP)
To promote a sharing and supportive relationship between experienced professionals and selected top -notch leaders from several professional sectors;

The objectives are:

  • To broaden students’ perspective towards the world of work
  • To develop students’ confidence in communicating with senior professionals and;
  • To assist students to develop their career aspiration. The Students will also interact with different mentors and will be provided with first-hand information on how to select a career.

6. Capacity Building Programs
To offer a series of capacity building programs for public officials, business executives, and media personnel and embed executive education sustainability courses. Some of the existing programs that the Hub plans to draw from are:

  • Carry out regular knowledge and skills on new technologies:
  • Build capacity of media houses to be able to break down scientific information into consumable form and;

To help media practitioners understand the importance of being driven by the needs of consumers especially in the rural areas.

7. Support Networks and Partnerships.
It involves directly influencing policy makers, regulators and companies; a process that the media have a big role to play. The Hub will utilize the resources of the social media, social networks and dialogue sessions to advocate for the improvement of the business engagement with society;

8. Knowledge sharing and influence
Enhance knowledge and sharing by regularly hosting business and media roundtables and conferences that brings together business leaders to discuss issues such as the all-too-familiar and increasingly worrying problems facing business and society at large. The roundtable meetings will critically examine how corporate social responsibility/sustainability initiatives can more effectively support youth empowerment and employment on the continent. The hub will offer unique opportunities for leading business leaders and media houses in Kenya to brainstorm and share their experiences;

9. Market Analytics
The Hub shall partner with organizations, government ministries and departments, media houses, parastatals as well as civil society organizations that have a stake in the communication of economic and financial data;

10. Information and Data Analytics Hotspot
The Hub to offer proper and accurate reporting which is essential to reach the target populations and provide useful information for economic decision making and dissemination of relevant Data through Terminal Points;

11. Public Policy Analysis
The Hub will provide support public officers in the use of data for evidence based for policy making.

Co-creation space for Data and Knowledge Hub

  • Creative Usage of Data Analysis, archival competencies and establishment of Data Clearing House for accurate.

Media and Communication

  • For narratives, visualization, digital communication, information packaging and dissemination, media engagement;

Training and learning space

  • For journalists and communication experts for specialization in business, financial, economic reporting and data Journalism;

Research and Development

  • Well researched, real-time, and issues-oriented data & information for various multi-stakeholders such as Government (national and local), CSOs, Donors, various communities and academic institutions.

The above will be done through:


The Africa Media Hub will therefore provide the following solutions:

  • Aggregate population demographics into usable data for various sectors;
  • Coverage of location and affinity;
  • Analyze social media engagement;
  • Develop smart, near real time analytical dashboards for technical teams;
  • Integrate visualizations tools to generate reports for decision makers;
  • Research on trends
  • Providing timely, easily accessible information on Sustainable Development.


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