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Mentoring can be described as a meeting place between a mentor and a mentee and it aims at the integral formation of the student. It is a commitment of the university to foster a personal and professional relationship between the mentor and mentee which in many cases develops over time. Mentoring helps the mentee make a connection with someone (mentor) who can help the student achieve full potential. Meeting a mentor regularly helps the student to: 

A student is allocated a mentor within three weeks of orientation into campus and the name of the mentor is displayed on the students AMS account. The mentors’ web page offers the mentees convenience as they can access the mentors’ contact information easily.

Strathmore University Business School Mentors


Prof. Izael Da Silva
0703 034000
Dr. Angela Ndunge
0703 034414 Ext: 2594
Thomas Mundia
0703 034414 Ext: 2770
Dr. Mumbi Maria Wachira
0703 034000
Sarah Muigai
0703 034000
Mary Weremba
0703 034137
John Njane
0703 034034
Dr. John Olukuru
0703 034 414 Ext: 2532
Kevin Muchemi
Grace Rimiru
0703 034071
Felix Mogesa
0703 034000
Michelle Ntoyai
0703 034342
Purity Maina
0703 034000
Muriithi Njogu
0703 034 514
Anthony Kahindi
0703 034 322

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