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PhD in Business and Management Research Specialization Workshops


The purpose of the workshops is to expose the participants to the cutting-edge research debates and methodologies in the different management research specialization areas.

Additionally, the participants have an opportunity to present and receive feedback on their research work. By the end of the workshop, participants can expect to have gained significant insights on how to advance their PhD research work.


The workshops are meant for students who are currently enrolled in PhD programmes and have already completed their coursework component and have passed their concept paper stage and/or defended their research proposal.


Applicants are required to submit the PhD concept paper or PhD proposal that they used for admission to their PhD programme. Selection will be done by an admission committee and is subject to availability of space.


  • Workshop preparation: Participants are required to read all of the assigned preparation materials before the beginning of the workshop. Such materials will comprise mostly of academic papers. While reading, participants are encouraged to identify any issues they may wish to bring up for discussion during the workshop
  • Research Knowledge: Morning sessions aim at giving the participants an understanding of important and current research themes in the specialization area. The format will be participative discussions on the pre-assigned readings led by the faculty.
  • Research development: Afternoon sessions aim at helping participants advance their research work. The format will be based on a combination of individual work and group discussions with feedback from the faculty.

Research Specializations/ Faculty

  • Accounting – Prof David Wangombe/Dr. Jim Mcfie
  • Econometrics – Prof Mwavita Mwarumba
  • Entrepreneurship – Prof Velamuri Rama
  • Finance – Prof Pat Obi
  • Marketing – Prof Nathaniel Boso
  • Organizational Behaviour – Prof Ken Kamonche
  • Strategy – Prof Christian Stadler/Prof Ruth Kiraka


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For more information, contact Pauline on, or call +254 (0) 703 034 808 or +254 799 428 639.

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Key Details

July 9th – 20th 2018:

Organization Behaviour, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship PhD workshops. Each of these workshops is a separate standalone course for the two weeks


July 23rd – Aug 3rd, 2018:

Strategy PhD workshop


July 23rd – July 27th, 2018:

Econometrics PhD workshop


July 30th – Aug 3rd, 2018:

Advanced Econometrics PhD workshop

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