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Public Policy Executive Program: Registration of Interest

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Public Policy Executive Program: Registration of Interest

While governments have successfully implemented management improvements over the past decade, many still struggle with the issue of successful policy making and implementation. Common problems include: rushing to solutions without thorough analysis; elegantly written policy documents without adequate implementation arrangements; lack of integration of policy-making into annual and medium term budgeting leading to inadequate funding for new policies; lack of imagination in the choice of policy instruments and methods of implementation; formal evaluation processes than have no impact on policy on the ground. This course is designed to enable middle and senior level personnel to schemes that deliver results
At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and be able to follow the stages in the policy making, implementation and monitoring and evaluation processes
  • Be able to advise on the most appropriate policy instruments to use for a policy objective
  • Actively engage in the implementation process
  • Selectively apply modern business strategy methods to public policy issues
  • Contribute to the design and execution of monitoring and evaluation schemes

The program will be delivered by experts in the public policy field, and each day will consist of:

  • A presentation of the framework and analysis of international experience
  • A case study through which participants will reinforce and apply their learning
  • A ‘reflections and applications’ session, in which the whole class works on how what they have learned should be applied to the Government of Kenya and itspolicy processes.

Topics Covered

  • The policy process
  • Choice of Policy Instruments
  • Implementation
  • Service delivery
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Materials All notes, case studies and a textbook will be provided for further private study. The materials will be based on and adapted from the course Public Policy and Strategy, a module on London University’s distance learning degree, MSc in Public Policy and Management.

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Key Details

Module I: 20-24 March 2017

2nd Run 22nd – 26th May 2017.

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