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August Webinar Series: The Changing Dynamics of the Retail Industry: What are the opportunities?

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East Africa has had its own fair share of negative publicity surrounding the poor performance and mismanagement of retail businesses with operations across several countries in East Africa, consequently impacting the retail value chain. Retailers such as Nakumatt and Uchumi of Kenya come to mind.

Led by big discounts, online retail players like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shop clues just but to name a few have managed to woo customers with their innovative and aggressive marketing mix. This has birthed a retail “apocalypse’ stemming from a huge number of physical stores closing or encountering a reduction of foot traffic. Clearly, ecommerce is rapidly changing the business landscape.

Moreover, the convenience of shopping from a remote location with competitive price points has added to their advantage.

Looking at the growth and potential of the online retail market, the offline sector has been realigning to the changing market dynamics. In a way it has been forced to change. While some experts have painted a gloomy picture of the future of offline retail, others have offered co-existing as the way forward for both.

Guiding Discussion Questions

  • What from your experience would you describe as some of the changing dynamics in both offline and online retail businesses?
  • Is the mushrooming of shopping malls an indication of a vibrant consumer market despite the poor performance of key national retail brands?
  • How are the changing dynamics in the industry affecting both consumer and retailer behavior patterns?
  • What elements in the retail industry should entrepreneurs seeking to invest in the industry pay attention to?
  • How can entrepreneurs take advantage of the retail and consumer patterns to innovate and expand their market share?

About the Webinar Series

Strathmore Business School’s ever – endearing spirit to continuous learning is one of the inspiration behind the development of its Webinar Series and many other digital-based knowledge sharing platforms. The objective of the webinar series is to provide executives with relevant and applicable business solutions to emergent trade trends through social live streaming platforms such as Facebook Live.

Strathmore Business School webinar series is also part of the Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies awards knowledge packages.

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Key Details

Date: Friday, 31st August 2018
Time: 9:00 am



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