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Program for Family Development (PFD) runs the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) courses in Kenya and Uganda. Since 1978, IFFD ( has worked to promote and support a broad variety of initiatives for families and married couples. IFFD is convinced of the importance and irreplaceable role of the family in the happiness of its members, as well as for peace and social cohesion, for general welfare and educational development, and for economic growth and successful integration into society.

Program Strengths

The courses are run using the case study method. This is central to PFD’s dynamic experience and is a useful way of promoting dialogue about real situations.

Course Registration

Registration is normally carried out between June and September for the next year’s classes. Registration forms, session dates and cost details are available on request:

Courses Offered

Married Love, First Steps and Maisha – The Personal Project, are run every year. First Letters or First Decisions, and Adolescence or Teenage are run every other year interchangeably.

Participant Profile

Married Couples, for the Married Love and the parenting courses.

Young Professionals for the Maisha course.


The sessions are generally held one Saturday a month, January to November. Further details on timings and specific dates are available on request.

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