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The Global Executive Leadership Program (GELP)

The Global Executive Leadership Program(GELP) – Africa is a joint program between Strathmore Business School (SBS), Lagos Business School (LBS) and IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.
The GELP-A Program has strong emphasis in terms of strategy and strategic thinking. The program commences with input on strategy and scenario planning and concludes with a strong emphasis on strategic design and strategic execution. Thus, executives conclude the program, having completed their strategy for expansion in Africa.
The program offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from high-calibre faculty members, interact with a group of top-level peers and strengthen leadership skills. This program is designed to propel executive lead on the global arena.

The first objective and purpose is to enhance and extend the growth and development of senior level executives operating on the African continent. Thus, the program is viewed as an extension of the typical Executive Development Program or Advanced Management Program that occurs in many business schools.
The second intent of the program is to facilitate the growth and development of business within Africa. Thus, the program is aimed at assisting Chief Executive Officers and other Executives in building their African strategies. It is believed that many businesses operating in Africa would like to extend and expand beyond their individual country or territory. This program is targeted at these companies and the executives within these companies.

The GELP is divided into 3 separate modules that are spread out over 9 months. The last module is held on IESE’s campus in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Module I: Understanding your Global Economic and Policy context, Nov 2017 at Lagos Business School, Nigeria
  • Module II: Defining your Global Strategy, February 2018 Strathmore Business School, Nairobi
  • Module III: Global Leadership in an African Context and the Global CEO role, April 2018 at 2016 IESE Business School, Spain Module IV:

The programme targets executive and senior level individuals who operate within the African continent and those who would like to operate in the African continent. The programme is pitched at the level of the Chief Executive Officer and other Directors and Board Members.

SBS and IESE faculty members join forces to o¬er the Global Executive Leadership Program. Professors hold PhD’s from world renowned institutions, and are internationally acclaimed experts for their research on current business issues. Moreover, they are successful business people themselves, many with their own consulting firms, operating in the real world of international business. Thus, classroom discussions provide conceptual frameworks for effective decision making, along with practical tools for real-life implementation.

All applications for admission will be reviewed by the program’s Admissions Committee, which will be the sole judge of a candidate’s qualifications to enter the program.

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year and should be received at least two months prior to the program’s start date. Send the completed application form to You may also drop the fully completed application form at our offices.

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Key Details

Module I:
5th Nov to 11th Nov 2017

Module II:
4th Feb – 10th Feb 2018

Module III:
16th April – 20th April 2018

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