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“Our In-Company programs meet the unique needs that an organisation may require, focussing on the objectives that a company, or different levels within a company wants to conquer.”

Designed to provide leadership and management skills

LEAP(Leadership and performance)Program

Providing strategic leadership and management skills for senior management

Personal & Team Effectiveness

Focus on developing greater awareness of self and personal style for increased self management for consistent personal effectiveness

Increased productivity through Enhanced Employee Engagement

Balanced various demands of life for better productivity on all fronts

(BOP-BM)Base of the Pyramid Business Models Retreat

Given the reduced growth and increased competition in traditional markets, many organizations have shifted their focus to the base of the pyramid (BOP) markets as a focus for growth. These markets are characterized by poor or non-existent infrastructure, low purchasing power but huge market potential. However, only a few organizations have managed to come up with successful business models for the BOP markets. A key aspects of such business models is the distribution channels used to reach large geographically spread populations profitably.

The Base of the Pyramid – Distribution Channels (BOP-BM) retreat is a two day seminar for senior managers involved in the value chain for products or services meant for BOP markets. The retreat utilises the case study methodology to analyze successful BOP business models. Targeted group discussion are used to ensure participants generate proposal that have immediate application to their organization BOP business models.

Two days retreat is spread over two weeks period. In the first two days participants discuss cases of successful BOP business models. The participants teams then have at least one week period to identify and suggest opportunities to improve their organization’s s BOP models. In the second and final day of the retreat, participants discuss and present their proposed new business model(s). A maximum of 24 participants is ideal for the retreat.

Day 1: Successful product and Service BOP business models

[At least one week participants team work on their organization’s BOP Model]

Day 2: Designing a new BOP business model

Lead Faculty: Dr. Edward Mungai.

(COPIR) Continuous Organization Process Improvement Retreat

Every organisation utilises several processes to achieve its objectives. A culture of continuous organisation processes improvement is the main reason behind Toyota Motor Corporation success in the competitive motor industry. However, most organization give little or no attention to mapping, monitoring and improving their products or service processes.

The Continuous Organization Process Improvement Retreat (COPIR) has the overall objective of inculcating a culture of process improvement in an organization. The program uses the Learner Centered Methodology in which participants map and improve on existing processes in their own organizations. Participant also learn how to implement and monitor the process performance and consequently identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Participants should be middle level managers who are involved in key product or service process in their organizations. The three day program is ideal for entire organizations or department where the objective is to have a fresh look at the organization or department processes. At the end of the program, participants will be equipped to embrace continuous process improvement principles.

Continuous Organization Process Improvement Retreat (COPIR)

Program Overview

Day 1: Mapping Organization Processes

Day 2: Identifying Opportunities for Process Improvement

Day 3: Designing and Implementing a New Improved Process.

Lead Faculty: Dr. Edward Mungai.

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