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Doing Business In Africa Program

Africa’s economic growth outlook has come into sharp focus recently but while it is the boundless opportunities in natural resources that are currently driving this renewed interest, Africa’s billion-strong population, mostly youthful and increasingly urbanised, will translate into a booming consumer and labour market in the near future.

Doing Business In Africa Program (DBAP) is a program designed by Strathmore Business School (SBS) to provide executives with a unique exposure to the African continent by providing practical skills and knowledge required to successfully operate and grow a business on the African continent. The in-depth curriculum draws from SBS’ experience of the case study methodology, lectures, industry guests’ sessions and syndicate group discussions.

DBAP aims to demystify the African continent and help global executives have a deeper understanding of what is driving the economic activities therein.

Long associated with a reliance on foreign aid, Africa now boasts higher returns on investment than any other region in the world, many of which are going through periods of economic stagnation or even recession. Africa’s aggregate income is projected to increase by above 4.5 per cent p.a. into the near future.

The International Monetary Fund estimates that the continent will have the world’s fastest-growing economy during the next five years. Trade between Africa and the rest of the world increased by 200 per cent between the years 2000 and 2011 as a result of increased exports from various sectors in many African economies.

The economic growth is set to bring huge benefits to the people of Africa. Projections on the African population indicate that much of the continent will retain lower-middle and middle-class majorities by 2030, with a three-fold increase in consumer spending.

Business executives interested in doing business in Africa

DBAP content and delivery will be customised to your needs as business executives or as companies seeking to start or improve on doing business in the continent.

The program aims to equip executives with elaborate skills and knowledge that will aid them in identifying business opportunities, understanding the various factors which aect the business landscape as well as ensuring business sustainability despite the environmental dynamics in which the business operates.

DBAP will be taught by a seasoned pool of faculty, well versed in industry practice.The program participants will have an enviable opportunity to visit some of the successful companies in the region, which will enable them to get practical experiences and insights on how businesses in Africa operate.To ensure cultural exposure, relevant activities will be integrated into the program.

DBAP will provide executives with:

  • A better understanding of the economic outlook on Africa and Africa’s position in the global economy
  • A sense of the various challenges to doing business in Africa, and how to effectively overcome them
  • Insights into what it takes to be a successful leader and manager of a business with an African presence
  • A powerful network of contacts in business and the public sector for ongoing communication and support across Africa
  • An acute understanding of the complex investment climates in Africa
  • Information on and insights into real opportunities in the region
  • A better grasp of the challenges associated with infrastructure, legislation and regulation in Africa, and their impact on business
  • An understanding of institutions and lending agencies that provide funding for business

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