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Dr. Freddie Acosta

Dr. Freddie R. Acosta is currently a Senior Lecturer of Technology & Innovation Management at Strathmore Business School. He worked as a Computer Programmer, System Network Engineer and Entrepreneur in his early career before becoming Assistant Professor of IS/IT at University of Baguio, Olivarez College, Mapua Institute of Technology and Lyceum of the Philippines.

He joined Strathmore University in 2004 as Senior Lecturer of Information Systems and Academic Director in the Faculty of Information Technology. Later, he was appointed Coordinator of School of Graduate Studies and Faculty Director at the Business School. He also served as Visiting Professor at the International School of Management (Senegal), SouthEast Asia Business Studies (Philippines), Gordon Institute of Business Science (South Africa) and Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (Ghana). In the most recent past, he had the opportunity to work as Chief Information Officer of a regional energy company, in charge of the Group’s ICT in East and Central Africa. Currently, he sits in the Board of Carrel Technologies.

Dr. Acosta has studied extensively on the impact of Information and Communication Technologies on organizational and individual work practices. His area of research pivots around the interplay of strategic management and information systems, as well as on the role of new information and communication technologies for organizational learning, knowledge management, transformation and innovation. He has studied problems of technology adoption and IS implementation in great depth. From an industry perspective, Dr. Acosta is especially interested in those industries that are being transformed by recent technological advances.

As an experienced management consultant, he had worked with stakeholders, both leadership and subject matter experts, to build a holistic view of the organization’s strategy, processes, information, and information technology assets. Some of the systems he had helped organizations to implement were ERP System, Investment Banking System, Asset Finance and Management System, Healthcare Management Information System, and Academic Management System.

Dr. Acosta holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology (1993), MBA in Business Technology (1998), Master of Business Education (2001), and PhD in Development Education specializing in Management Information System (2004) all from University of Baguio, Philippines. He is a Harvard Business School-trained Case Methodology teacher (CPCL-2006) and IT leader (DIS-2008). He is an active member of the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) and Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).




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3rd Prize (Zaidi Oil: SAP ERP Dilemma) Association of African Business Schools/Emerald Publishing Emerging Markets Case Writing Competition, UK (2013) available at

3rd Prize (The Imara Medical Centre, Kenya: Transition of a Legacy Accounting) Association of African Business Schools /Emerald Publishing Emerging Markets Case Writing Competition, UK (2011) available at

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