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Negotiation for Public Policy Executive Course

People negotiate daily. As a matter of fact negotiation happens several times a day. Despite the frequency of negotiations few people know how to negotiate well and achieve the most optimal outcomes. Many people believe that good negotiators are born. However, in reality anyone can improve their negotiation skills very considerably through training. At the Center for Public Policy and Competitiveness, we teach a negotiation framework that has proved effective both locally and globally. In the current public policy context leaders often need to manage change and this requires incorporating of multiple stakeholders interests which requires excellent negotiation skills.
The challenges faced in negotiating with Senators, Governors, Executive Directors and Union staff have one unique technical difficulty- your opponent in one issue may be an ally in the next. Oftentimes public meetings are contentious or participants are deeply divided along issues of resources, values or even identity. Diffusing contentious situations and arriving at a workable solution is both an art and a science that requires a specific set of skills and practice.
Individuals involved in analysis, formulation and implementation of public policy need to know the fundamentals of negotiations. They not only need to have the goal in mind, but they must also know how they will achieve the goal. Reaching the goal requires them to know how to say “no” while maintaining a relationship, how to close a deal on time-not too early nor too late, how to present the main interests clearly, how to balance transparency, public disclosure and citizen participation with discretion.

This course will be beneficial to individuals involved analysis, formulation and implementation of public policy such as Government officers, County Government officials, NGOs and international organizations. It is for people who want to improve their negotiation performance and enhance the quality in relation public policy negotiations.

*Application forms are available at the SBS office. Send the completed form to or call +254 703 034 549.
You may also drop your fully completed form at our offices.

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Module I:
26-30 June 2017

Module II:
7-11 November 2017

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