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Executive Coaching for Managers


Executive coaching has become an integral part of management and leadership.

It is a mandatory managerial skill for any manager that seeks to bring out the best in the teams they lead.

It helps managers get teams to perform at their best and unleash their potential for sustainable growth.

As more and more organizations become complex and undergo change, a manager with coaching skills is best placed to steer the employees and the organization through these challenges while maintaining staff connectivity to the mission and vision of the organization.

About the Programme

Executive Coaching for Managers is a unique programme that combines training in coaching skills for executives as well as tested leading high performing team strategies.

This programme provides today’s manager with additional skills that enable them connect better with their teams while achieving greatness.

The programme is designed for executives who wish to build their knowledge and expertise without interrupting their careers.

Programme Delivery

The programme will be delivered in two modules of 3 days each:

  • Module I: 18th – 20th February 2019
  • Module II: 8th – 10th April 2019

In between the modules, participants will be required to apply the skills learnt which will be accessed using International examining standards before certification.

The programme is ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited and the participants will get 46 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours from ICF.

ICF Accredited programmes are certified at the highest International standards ensuring rigorous assessment of any accredited programme with them.

Programme Content

Some of the highlights include:

  • The 11 ICF Coach Competencies (Recognized and used worldwide).
  • Team leader Personality Assessment using tried and tested international tools.
  • Team Leadership and Management functions.
  • Coaching as an enabler of team leadership and management.

Who is Eligible?

The programme’s content revolves around team performance and expects the participants to have industry experience that they can apply to the content being taught.

  • Senior managers and managers with at least 5 years managerial experience and who are leading teams in their organizations.

Programme Objectives

  • To impart coaching skills to managers that enable them interact differently with their teams.
  • To enable self-awareness of one’s leadership and management style and how it relates to leading high performing teams.
  • To empower managers to know how to bring out the best from their teams, take ownership of their performance and find meaning in their work.

Programme Benefits

  • International Accredited programme giving the participants international recognition to coach (Accredited by the International Coach Federation-ICF).
  • International Faculty bench providing World class learning experience.
  • Practical application of the skills in real workplace scenarios.
  • Mentor coaching and supervision: one on one attention offered by the faculty to address specific needs and support the participants in their learning.
  • Training with a renowned and respected brand in the Region – Strathmore Business School.
  • Post training impact assessment on self and Organization.

Individual Coaching

This is a face to face coaching. Common across all our programmes, individual coaching Group Coaching: This type of coaching requires a group of individuals being coached jointly but with individual distinct projects.

It is used in our academic programs to drive syndicate groups with different academic projects towards completion.

Team Coaching

Commonly used by Organizations that would like to have heads of various departments working together on a common goal. It has the benefit of solving silos in an Organization

Business Coaching

This is usually a one on one face to face with business leaders or owners addressing specific business objectives. A lot of business owners or leaders have technical skills but lack business skills. Business Coaching seeks to help them apply business skills learnt in class to real business challenges resulting in measurable output such as increased revenue, better structures and processes, etc -Family Business -Business Leader Coaching

Organizational Thematic Coaching

In an ever changing and complex work environment, Organizations are faced with unique challenges that need tailor made solutions. Customized coaching for organizations enables application of suitable solutions that reflect the actual situation and culture of the company in question


During change, culture is a key pillar to address. Team coaching around culture projects addresses specific culture indicators with tangible results as objectives.


One of the most sort after coaching intervention, change coaching is applicable to all levels in an Organization. It seeks to prepare, lead and manage individuals for change.

Leadership Development

This type of coaching supports talent identified by Organization for development as well as aids human resource managers in areas such as career transition

Transformational and Transcendental Coaching

This is the distinct coaching methodology that separates us from the rest. Grounded in our strong anthropological and philosophical foundations, these two types of coaching go beyond the visible behavior manifestations to address deeper aspects of values, attitudes, beliefs and Worldview. This is what sustainable behavior change is all about. Moreover, the coaching seeks to create awareness of the impact of one’s action on a larger scale beyond self.

Consultancy (Embedding Coaching Culture)

SBS can assess organization’s readiness to embed coaching, guide the embedding process, supervise internal coaches standards and assess impact of the coaching and mentoring initiatives.

Coach Training Programmes

SBS trains individuals and Organizations that seek to acquire formal coaching and mentoring skills


Coaching programme open to anyone


Coaching programmes tailor made for a specific company and trains their managers exclusively.


This are formal coach training programmes in conjunction with our partner Universities. They are recognized and certified by International Coaching accrediting bodies.

They offer participants long training hours, mentor coaching, internationally certified trainers and supervision including assessments and exams.

The class size is limited to 15.


Unlike the certified ones, non-certified coach training programmes are more flexible in hours in class, class size and professional qualifications of trainers.

Staff Coaching

SBS extends the benefits of coaching to its staff for their personal and professional development.

Executive Mentoring

This service will be provided by senior executives with immense professional experience. Unlike undergraduate mentoring, this type of mentoring will focus on executive mentoring i.e. aiding inexperienced newly appointed executives that need individuals with more experience than them to tell them what to do to carry out their new executive duties.

N.B. Mentoring and Coaching available for Board of Directors, CEOs, ExCo, Middle managers, New Managers and Supervisors

What if an organization wants to sponsor more than one participant, is there group discounts?

Yes, if an organization sponsor 3 to 4 participants, they will be entitled for 10% discount. If they sponsor more than 5 participants, the 6th participant will
attend the training for free or 15% discount on the fees paid.

Will there be exams?

Participants will be assessed using International examining standards of their understanding of coaching competencies and skills learnt in class through application of these skills at their workplace before certification.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations made less than 2 weeks to the commencement of the training will be subjected to a penalty of 25% of total programme fee.

What are the payment terms?

Strathmore Business School policy accepts both cheques and Mpesa payments (Use PayBill No 893801).

Participants will be allowed to pay maximum of 2 installments (half of the total cost before the commencement of Module 1 and the other half before commencement of Module 2).

Participants will be expected to have finished the payment of fees by the end of Module 2.


The programme cost is Kshs 450,000.

This caters for all materials, food, certificates, team leader personality profiling, mentor coaching and supervision.

Contact us

Please write to for any queries or call Francis on +254 (0) 703 034 596 or +254 (0) 721 519 405. To apply visit

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Key Details

  • Module I: 22nd – 24th October 2019
  • Module II: 13th – 15th January 2020

Cost: Kshs. 450, 000

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