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Financing of agribusiness value chains Program

Do you finance agribusiness ventures? Seek to understand the agribusiness and its uniqueness compared to other industries. This program will provide a complete overview of investment, finance modelling options in Kenyan agribusiness. The program is meant for financiers of the industry. You will interact with financing authorities from different sectors.

The three day program orients you to an industry that feeds Kenyan population of about 40 million people. Agribusiness comprises of primary production to sale of value added farm commodities.

This program will ensure that you grasp;

  • Available financing models in Kenya
  • Risk mitigation of agribusiness financing.
  • Suitability of financing models in Kenya

The program will be delivered in one modules that will incorporate practical class sessions.

The program will enable you to;

  • Conceptualize an agribusiness model
  • Develop viable trade contacts.
  • Learn the uniqueness of an agribusiness venture.
  • Assessment of agribusiness risks in financing.
  • Appreciate development of agri-finance in Kenya.

The program attracts an array of stake holders in agribusiness including but not limited to; agribusiness investment managers, Agribusiness risk management and directors, Bankers lending to the agribusiness sector, accountants and lawyers to agribusiness, angel investors, Policy makers in the agribusiness space, Non- Governmental and Governmental bodies in the agribusiness industry, Agribusiness auditors.

  • Principles of agribusiness lending.
  • Understanding the Kenya agribusiness landscape and its dynamics.
  • Types of agribusiness loans.
  • Risk Management in Agribusiness lending.
  • Facility monitoring, control and recovery of agribusiness financing products.
  • Structure of Commodity financing.
  • Economic Environment in Agribusiness.
  • Emerging issues and market environmental concerns.
  • Being an Effective Trainer in Agribusiness lending.
  • Types of Agribusiness loans and Facilities.
  • Lending to SACCOs in agribusiness.
  • Grant Management for Agribusiness.
  • The role of NGO sector in promoting Agribusiness

The cost of the program is; Ksh 82,500 This caters for;

  • A three day class work session at SBS
  • Meals and refreshments at Strathmore business school for three days.

For more information on the program, contact Peter on, or Tel: 0739 149 151

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Dates: 26th – 28th July 2017

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