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The Art of Virtuous Leadership - Heart, Will and Mind


The modern world is experiencing a severe shortage of genuine leaders. Decades of relativism, secularism, materialism, individualism and collectivism have spawned several generations of small, self-centred people in the making. The consequence is widespread pusillanimity, injustice, hatred, incessant warfare, and existential boredom. Traditional traits required from a leader are no longer being celebrated.

The supreme measure of leadership is achieving personal greatness by bringing out the greatness in others. Leadership is about the practice of human virtues – above all, magnanimity (greatness) and humility (service) – amid the professional and personal circumstances of daily life.

Virtue is a dynamic force that allows the leader to do what people expect of him. If the virtues of prudence (practical wisdom), courage, self-control and justice, constitute the foundations of leadership, magnanimity and humility constitute its essence. Temperament is not an obstacle to leadership, whereas lack of character most definitely is.

About the program

This program is designed to transform personal behaviour through instilling the traits necessary to be real and sustainable leaders that run ethical organisations, keep their employees, and in consequence impact their families and society in a positive way.

Leaders are not born, they are made and leadership is a way of being, which can be lived by anyone no matter his or her place in society or in any given organization. Statistics show that organisations driven by people, both employees and leaders, of character outperform their competitors. This program will not only enable people to build virtues important for improving their organizational environment, but also in mitigating their costs.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • To contemplate greatness and instill in participants a powerful desire to achieve it.
  • To develop in participants a deep sense of personal dignity.
  • To help them understand and practice the six virtues that make up the Virtuous Leadership System: the four basic virtues of prudence (practical wisdom), courage, self control (self mastery) and justice, which constitute the foundations of leadership, and the crowning virtues of magnanimity (greatness) and humility (service), which comprise the essence of leadership.
  • To help them discover their weaknesses and strengths.
  • To help them discover their mission in life and fulfill it.
  • To improve the corporate culture and mission orientation of organizations.

The process

  • Contemplation (heart)
  • Reflection (mind)
  • Decision (will)


  • Knowledge
  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-improvement


  • Lectures
  • Case-studies
  • Self-examination
  • Practical exercises


The cost of the program will be Ksh 95,000 and this will cover all learning materials, meals and certificate upon successful completion of the program. NITA Number: IT/042

How to apply

Application can be done online here or send the complete application form with your biography to


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Dates: July 2017

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