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African Sustainability Leadership (ASL) programme


The Africa growth story has largely been built on the commodities boom and overall Africa’s economy remains very dependent on extractives and, therefore, vulnerable to global markets. Much of the growth has been ‘jobless’. Inequality remains precariously high, despite an emergent new African middle class. Countries that score high in GDP score very low when taking into account standard of living, a healthy population, and measures of equality. 2015 is the year when climate change, energy needs and financing for development get the global attention they deserve. Over the course of the year, world leaders settled on a new set of global sustainable development goals. The challenges are immense. Creating jobs, sustaining growth and eradicating poverty in a carbon-constrained world demands a restructuring of energy systems and a deeper appreciation of the boundaries of our ecological systems.

In response to this context, Strathmore University in Kenya has developed the African Sustainability Leadership (ASL) programme.


ASL is targeted at senior leaders from business, government and civil society and is designed to develop informed, skilled and effective leadership in response to the system pressures and trends affecting the continent.  The ASL aims to enhance African leaders’ ability to create a net positive impact in the context of increasing societal expectations.


The programme has been developed in collaboration with five partners:

The UN Global Compact Network, Kenya, Safaricom, Unilever and two world-class centres of research and teaching on business and sustainability issues:


The programme is a 3 day intense facilitated learning process. The participants will spend valuable time in small group discussions, where they will also start to shape and refine their own strategy and sphere of influence for when they return to their organisation. Each delegate will be allocated to a Syndicate Group for the duration of the programme. This Syndicate Group is facilitated by a member of faculty and is a place where focused reflection on the ideas that emerge in the workshop can take place.

In addition to inputs from the experience faculty, participants will benefit from opportunities to engage with a range of guest contributors (drawn from business, non-governmental organisations, academia and government), all of whom are selected on the basis of their specialist knowledge and experience.

The ASL will be offered three times in 2016 and forms the foundation of the development of the University of Strathmore Centre for Sustainable Development.


Through attending, participants should:


Full participation at the programme is required for completion.



The program runs from 2nd – 4th May 2017


The cost of the program will be Ksh 150,000 and this will cover all learning materials, meals and certificate upon successful completion of the program. NITA Number: IT/042


Application can be done online from or send the complete application form with your CV to

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