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African Sustainability Leadership (ASL) programme


Over 90 percent of business leaders report that sustainability is critical to the future success of their business

Sustainability will define growth and innovation in the next decades. In 2015, world leaders settled on a new set of global Sustainable Development Goals. The challenges are immense. Creating jobs, sustaining growth and eradicating poverty in a carbon-constrained world demands a restructuring of energy systems and a deeper appreciation of the boundaries of our ecological systems.

Stakeholders can therefore not continue to operate business-as-usual. The incorporation of social and environmental stewardship and ethics into organizational practices will now be the key determinant of long-term growth and competitive advantage. Organizations that understand this new trajectory are the ones that will dominate their sectors in the near future.

To operate in this significant paradigm shift of organizational sustainability requires new leadership thinking. It requires leaders who understand and seize the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development and what this means for their business’ success if they are to thrive for the long term.

In response to this context, the Strathmore Business School in Strathmore University has developed the African Sustainability Leadership (ASL) program. The program aims to build the capacity of executives to implement and turn sustainability initiatives in their organization into drivers of measurable value. By design, the program builds and adds value to the participants’ areas of expertise across all disciplines to enable them to become sustainability champions in their field.

Themes and topics explored

Benefits of Attending

Through attending, participants will:

Program structure and format

The program is a 5 day facilitated learning process involving a combination of lectures and group work, during which participants will have the opportunity to work on real case studies. Further, participants will spend valuable time in small group discussions where they will also start to shape and refine their own strategy and sphere of influence for when they return to their organization.

In addition to inputs from experienced faculty, Participants will further benefit from opportunities to engage with a range of guest contributors (drawn from business, government, non-governmental organizations, and academia) who will further provide insights into issues emerging in various sectors.

Who Should Attend?

ASLP is targeted at executives from business, government and civil society and is designed to build and add value to the participant’s area of expertise to respond to the system pressures and trends affecting the continent.


The program runs from 17th to 21st July 2017


The cost of the program is Ksh 100,000 and this will cover all learning materials, meals and certificate upon successful completion of the program.

How to apply

Application can be done online HERE or send the completed application form to or

For more information, contact us via email at or by phone at +254 703 034 542 or +254 722 233 736.


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